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Microsoft AZ-104 Exam Objectives You Are Expected to Know and How Practice Tests Improve Your Understanding


Exams are key elements of learning. When examiners wish to see how candidates are fairing with the study content, they administer tests. This is intended to check candidates’ capabilities in the training material or what is set as the exam’s target. MD-100 Windows 10 This post sets straight the objectives of the Microsoft AZ-104 exam. It also covers how practice tests can help improve your comprehension of these objectives.

Exam AZ-104 Objectives You Are Expected to Know 

AZ-104 intends to display your understanding of your Azure Administrator role. It checks it by testing you in these objectives: ExamCollection

  • Managing Azure identities & governance

Your training in the Microsoft AZ-104 exam should include managing objects for the Azure AD. You should also know how to manage the RBAC, also called Role-Based Access Control. Click for URL Link Managing subscriptions, as well as governance, is another area to study in this topic.

  • Implementing and managing storage

In this exam objective, candidates must lay bare their ability in managing storage accounts and data stored in Azure. Their possibility to configure Azure files, as well as blob storage, is included here as well.

  • Deploying and managing Azure compute resources

This domain takes you through configuration for VMs targeting high availability as well as scalability. Download Here from Exam Labs Web Page  It’s also necessary in preparing for your task in automating VMs deployment as well as configuration. Other technical tasks included in this section are creating and configuring VMs, containers, and web apps.

  • Configuring and managing virtual networking

In the objective of configuring and managing virtual networking, candidates study various aspects. They include implementing and managing virtual networks, configuring name resolution, and securing access to targeting virtual networks. Exam Labs Web Page Other tasks involved are configuring load balancing, monitoring, and troubleshooting virtual networks, and integrating on-premises networks with Azure virtual networks.

  • Monitoring and backing up Azure resources

This AZ-104 exam topic encompasses two major parts. They are utilizing Azure monitor in monitoring resources and implementing backup as well as recovery.

These objectives and skills measured may not be exhaustive, but they illustrate what the exam expects to evaluate. By exhausting them, you’ll be in a good position to obtain the content needed for passing this test. MD-100 Windows 10 Training Course – ExamLabs But how can sample tests help you in understanding these AZ-104 objectives?

How Mock Tests Help in Understanding Assessment AZ-104 Objectives?

Using AZ-104 practice tests when studying doesn’t just give insights into the actual test but also encourages topic comprehension. If you find some domains difficult, you can do a few sample tests to familiarize yourself with them. With the feedback you get, you can know what exactly you ought to do to improve on such difficult topics. Practice tests are also best for reinforcement. You’re most likely to better retrieve what you learn through them than what you get through using other means of study. Repeating your practice numerous times will enhance understanding and keep the exam’s content in your memory for long.


The Microsoft AZ-104 exam and its objectives were designed so that you can enhance your progress towards your professional goal and earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification. And by assessing yourself more with practice tests, you can discover how effective you are in meeting your goal. As you embark on learning the objectives of this assessment, obtain some reliable practice tests, and use them to assess yourself frequently.