Tuesday , December 5 2023

Jobs at Sasol – Artisan Mechanical Fitter

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Job Description:

Ascertain that mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic plant and equipment are maintained to a safe condition and compliant with any specific regulations.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Dismantle plant or machinery and remove damaged or worn parts. Fit and assemble parts to rebuild plant or machinery.
  • Examine faulty plant or machinery and ascertain nature and location of defects.
  • Fit high-pressure fire suppression systems, fluid power, and hydraulic circuits, including the construction of hard and flexible pipelines.
  • Install or reposition plant or machinery. Test and adjust them for correct functioning, including modifying standard machinery for special purposes.
  • Operate overhead crane / basic slinging in line with safety and business requirements.
  • Repair defective parts, obtain replacement parts, or prepare new parts using hand and machine tools.
  • Make penetrations through bulkheads (walls) and work with Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP).
  • Comply with discipline related standards, governance, safety measures, and legal requirements.
  • Set up propulsion components (e.g. shafts, propellers, and rudders), engines, and gearboxes.
  • Cut, thread, or hammer pipes to specifications, using tools such as cutting torches.
  • Fabricate and weld valve bank frames and perform other welding requirements.
  • Select, mix, and apply various bonding agents and sealants (cosmetic and structural).
  • Carry out routine tasks such as cleaning, oiling, and greasing, according to schedule.

Job Requirements:

  • Valid driver’s license

Qualification & Experience:

  • 2+ relevant years

Job Details:

Company: Sasol

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Location: Balfour, Mpumalanga , SA

Application Deadline: N/A

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